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Its like an update, but without the UP…………………………

Yeah, yeah cough, cough, not funny. This will NOT be edited by the way because this is a rambleDate, cause its like WuzzDate, without the Wuzz………

Alright meat and potatoes of this is that Story of a David, my flag ship story, will be going on vacation for a while. I’ll give you updates on why but the long and short of it is that I’ve come to terms with actually letting you unclothe masses read a part of it and NOW I’ve come to the confident conclusion that I need to…cough…cough, move closer to publishing it. This may happen by the end of the month, this may happen by the end of the year, who knows. But please continue reading Story of a David, and give honest opinions on what you think, having weird questions, or figuring that I suck cause I’m all ears.

In the mean time I have few more things to be honest about….

You see in every young mans life there are two passions trying to kill each other. One passion wants to type words on the computer. The other tries to break the computer. We smarty pants call that programming, or in my case, game programming, my major, my unfinished major, and the death of me. It is time to return to said passion. Which does mean my penchant for writing will decrease a bit, but my time to read all of wordpress, my likes, my follows, and the underwater gold mines of talent will increase. So expect me to bugger you more often. Right now I have a project involing zombies…in jeopordy. More info will be in WuzzDates, cause their updates without the UP you see…..

So in the meantime, look for more WuzzDates, check out the Read Me for less useless information, and be prepared for new shorts, more War Story, and a dabbling of my growing favorite to write, The 30something Boy King. Good night ya’ll.

But seriously READ STORY OF A DAVID.


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