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An Hour in the Life of Nova


Public transit. My favorite way to get from point A to point F. It’s inconvenient, noisy and the other passengers smell funny. Most people can’t stand the stench of normal like the one sitting next to me. He slumped over and bemoaned the state of the human condition. I just smile and roll my eyes because his weird is not as toxic as he wants to believe.
He is tall in a too tall way, compared to me. Looking up puts me in a place where I am young and helpless.
The bus lumbers on unaware of the panic just beneath the surface. I hum off tune the sound track of my life. Sad songs, even the happy songs are sad. He is still brooding about the truths of life and I could strangle him. Life is easy. Living is hard.



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An Hour in the Life of Nova


So I woke up and the world had not ended. I sighed and crawled from benith my cacoon of blankets. The heater clicked and sputtered. Everything was
dark and my memoirs whispered vampire and I pushed them a way. If only I was not quite dead, I would have an excuse for dwelling in dark places and shunning human contact.
The seconds crawl before I convince myself the light won’t hurt as much as it did yesterday. I flip on the light switch and my eyes burn and sting. Yeah, it still hurt just as much as it did yesterday.
UV is still asleep when I turn on his heat lamp but he starts awake at the faint click. He’ s paranoid that way. I tell him there will be no food til dinner time but he still swims towards the glass. Turtles are like dogs, they beg for food even when their not hungry.
A debate breaks out between myself and I over having a shower or breakfast. There’s no time for both. The shower wins, it always dose but the debate is ritual.


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