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WuzzDate – Extra, Extra the British Needs Subtitles

I promised something game development related, but I lied. I promised an update concerning Story of a David, but I lied. You see when the best thing since chips and dips invites you over for Starz and a good night sleep, at the last minute no less, you drop your plans and go watch The Best Movie Ever Sold and Attack the Block.

Now I have to say I had no interest in the former, hearing high-schoolers remark on the ethics of advertising made me cringe inside, but hey I can’t dis the guy who made Super Size Me for finding another creative way to avoid being a crazy homeless man. Bravo. Besides everyone needs to watch their better half choice in entertainment once in a while. For all you kids out there just realize that you’ll sleep better when the remote is her’s at the end of the day, just saying.

Now in event of an emergency do not watch a British film without subtittles. Seriously you Brits speak another language. You ever feel like a hillbilly infront of your well to do other half of your family? Do they talk really fast and use a lot of slang that doesn’t really sound like slang? Does their ascents make common words sound like high pitch rat squeels? Now imagine watching a movie with that as your first 15 minutes before your brain normalizes the barrage of slang and un-american ascents.

But don’t worry once the culture shock, and the realization that ur a hick, passes by the movie quickly scales up its pace. In a matter of minutes my bored coach buddy sits up and joins me in declaring who is going to get it next. Now Attack the Block isn’t just a horror movie, its a wuzzman horror movie. Takes it time to make you care for characters, before brutally snatching them away, and the monsters present a real back and forth struggle between life and death, not just a elaborate kill cam.
Combine that with humor and British writers subtle way of including unmistakable jabs at social commentary, without beating you over the head with whose world is intrinstically right or wrong (the movie is about a bunch on london street kids who start the movie off by robbing a woman, and boy does that come full circle).

In the end you’ll probably want to see Mose’s cast for the next Blade, announce fuck the police loudily, and wonder why do British police figure a family SUV would inspire fear in the hearts of criminals~~~


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