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So what is Story of a David?

The future is grim, dark and full of terror! Ok maybe not. Imagine if you would a future where humanity took to the stars, in mass, in search of a second Earth somewhere in the Milky Way. And in time untold and uncounted, they fail miserably at this seemly easy task. Faced with overpopulation and dwindling resources, they return to the only place they called home…

Now consider this same future. A future where everyday people live in as much harmony as 2 million people crammed in a lifeboat can manage. Where the thought of killing your fellow-man hasn’t even crossed your next door neighbors mind in thousands of years. What happens when all that changes and their survival hinges on the genocide of billions (grim and dark enough for you).

When a young man commits murder for the protection of the state, his punishment is to be sent to an alien world to live the rest of days full of violence and an uncertain end….

So why blog about it?

To get opinions, any opinion would do. If it sucks tell me, if its the best thing you read (I hope not) tell me and like/share. The more feedback the better. Every week I will post a new chapter until I’ve built the confidence to publish the finish story. Until then happy reading.


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