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WuzzDate : My new Hobby

So I’ve been sick lately. How sick? When after days of coughing up green mucous, seeing grey mucous escape the choppa is cause for celebration. Sometimes I must ask myself if there are either ways to kill a man…..

Nevertheless like all near death experience, this one gave me a new lease on life and enough time to reach new levels of sleep killing stress. In this stress comes the desire to have a ordered universe, a universe where life changing or ie, shattering developes aren’t 10 dollars away but mere typos any grinning super genius can make. Enter the world of computer programmer where life and death is only a notepad away *oh joy*

So here is where the rambling starts, last year I wrote a simple zombie survival script. Text based, logical and for the most part scalable. But its not entirely web ready, it needs some server side logic to create persistence, and graphics to encourage the 5 years to play. A daunting task for your simple web developer but nevertheless one that I approach with gusto! If WordPress permits a rudimentary version will be posted here on this very blog.

Until than keep in touch.



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