Nova: Trending

Retro is way in, but I’m still at the bottom of the best dressed list. Obscurity is power. 80’s is the new cool and I still don’t get it. Patterns are trending hard and every other friend has a blog. Facebook is on the decline but people are still clueless. Tomorrow is already underground. Dig deep and move on before the label takers and it-boys figure it out. Every season calls for a wardrobe change. Capitalism baby, it’s out, it’s in but I still rock my off brand trainers. Thrift bin diving was cool until Forever 21 started selling your grandmothers cast offs. New York City is the center of the world and Milan is the future. My first tatto was illegal and now even the good girls have hearts and stars. How do I keep what’s mine when the population doubles and its all been done? Make my own Lolita haven before it hits main stream, the bubble has yet to burst so let’s keep it local. Fangs used to have bite, now they come with sparkles. I miss the dark. The music changes and I’m still dancing to an old song. So what? History is just a circle. Nike, the god is crushed underfoot and apple’s are the most important think in our pocket. How will history remember that? Straight lines and the masses try to rebel in straight lines. Being Emo was a thing but now it’s over. Cynical is the new thing and I’m good at it. This year everybody wants to be an artist, including me. It’s the only thing I’m good at.


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