May 26, 2107

To all confused readers. This post and similar post I, the wuzzman, will make like it are not part of the main story, i.e Story of a David, but are separate entities which are given their own categories. Please enjoy this short story which will be updated once per week and do come back for other new stories or shorts posted through out the weekday. Again sorry for any confusion, I do enjoy your rage too much.

When did nationalism become the great social evil plaguing the 22nd century? How do you answer such a question, considering what is about to take place on the world stage? We the people are not asked to ponder these questions, neither are we asked to consider the implications; yet my curiosity cannot be simply set aside for the sake of change. But we have changed, if very little, but through the subtle waves of what transpired before. Did not our fathers defeat Hitler, end the era of the Black Curtain, and fought the good fight against the social injustices of their time, yet even they knew, with a great humbleness that their efforts, though large, will not change the fundamental issues of humanity.

We approached the 22nd century after fighting the good fight against organizations that wished the civilized world harm, yet the fundamental issues remained unsolved. The symptoms of injustice, simple became the cause, for the poor of 2001 were the same poor of 2101. Economic fluctuations that caused upheavals of administrations, many times whole governments, in the frenzy for answers lacking hard solutions. Were we not still divided by social-economic class, race, religion, and even world-view? Were these not issues that the world should have left behind in the 21st century?

– May 26, 2107- Erik Riddler Burton, American Web Columnist, age 31. Sends email to a young Becker Bradley Jr, Researcher in Magnet Fields and Atom Manipulation, age 26. After reading article written by British college professor Doc. Edward Curt Trenton the 3rd published on January 30th, 2101.



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  1. a little glimpse of future political world?

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